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Bow Valley is a valley located along the upper Bow River in Alberta, Canada.

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The Cathedral of Santa María la Menor in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo is dedicated to St. Mary of the Incarnation. It is the oldest cathedral in the Americas, begun in 1512 and completed in 1540.

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Roosevelt Campobello International Park preserves the house and surrounding landscape of the family summer retreat of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his family, located on the southern tip of Campobello Island in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

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The Irving Nature Park is a free park developed with the intention of protecting the environment. It encompasses a total of 243 hectares and is sandwiched between a salt marsh and the Bay of Fundy.

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The Hopewell Rocks, also called the Flowerpots Rocks or simply The Rocks, are rock formations caused by tidal erosion in The Hopewell Rocks Ocean Tidal Exploration Site in New Brunswick. They stand 40–70 feet tall.

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The Château de Dieppe is a castle in the French town of Dieppe in the Seine-Maritime département. The castle was founded in 1188, and was destroyed in 1195. The site was restored in the 14th century.

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Dieppe is a city in Westmorland County, New Brunswick, Canada. It is New Brunswick's fourth most populous city with a history and identity that goes back to the eighteenth century.

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The Confederation Bridge spans the Abegweit Passage of Northumberland Strait. It links Prince Edward Island with mainland New Brunswick, Canada. Before its official naming, Prince Edward Islanders often referred to the bridge as the "Fixed Link"

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Centennial Park is a municipal park in Moncton, New Brunswick. Located in the city's west end, it has an area of 0.93 km².


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Cape Enrage is the name given to the southern tip of Barn Marsh Island, an island located in Albert County, New Brunswick, roughly half way along the coastline between the villages of Riverside-Albert

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Whiteshell Provincial Park is a 2,729 km² park centrally located in Canada in the province of Manitoba. It can be found in the southeast of the province along the Manitoba-Ontario boundary, approximately 130 km east of Winnipeg.

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